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  • Fill your session attendance in the link below.
  • Trainer will inform during the session, the exact time window(5 mins) during which this form needs to be filled.
    • If trainer doesn’t inform about attendance, fill at the end of the session.
  • 90% attendance is mandatory for placement support.
  • Those attending from companies, their attendance will be regularly shared with respective managers.
  • Those attending eLearning courses, their attendance will be tracked differently.
  • Assigned with Student ID (ex: VG6957)
  • Student added to respective course WhatsApp group (Live training or eLearning group)
  • Individual WhatsApp group created with technical mentor and admin added in to the group.
    • You should know who is the mentor for technical support.
    • Post all kinds of support(technical or non-technical) request in this group. Please do not send messages to individuals on WhatsApp.
  • You should have got Google Drive link to submit your assignments.
  • If not received any of the above, please WhatsApp : 9036023514
  • Before requesting for course completion certificate, please ensure that you have completed at least 80% of course assignments.
  • Please fill the form below
  • There is an individual WhatsApp group created with technical mentor added.
  • Please post your support request in this group. Technical mentor will respond with the schedule for support session.
  • If WhatsApp group is not created, please call 90360 23514 to get further support.

Please  go through this links, this links directs you how to download
software using VPN.

  • Fee receipt can be downloaded from the eLearning portal(
    • Login
    • Look for ‘Invoice’ on the left sides tabs
  • Post request in individual WhatsApp group created for you.
  • Our admin will schedule the mock interview
  • Please make sure that you have completed 80% of course assignments.
  • Once you have completed with 5 months of training(or 80% of your course work), you will be added to respective WhatsApp group.
    • All job postings are posted in this WhatsApp group.
  • For more details: 90360 23514
    • You can request to add to placement support WhatsApp group.
  • Please post your query in individual WhatsApp group.
  • Connect with Usha, 90360 23514
  • You can get access to previous topic videos by paying nominal fee.
  • Please connect with 9513408428
  • In case you are not getting the required support, below is the escalation hierarchy.
    • 1st escalation: Manohar,
    • 2nd escalation: Vaibhav, 9986194191
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