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  • Offered both in Classroom and Live online training mode.
  • Also offered in 1-1 training(charged per hour basis)
  • For any conflict in fee and start date with actual course page, this page has most accurate information.
  • Fee does not include GST, chargeable on top of course fee. All the fee is in INR. Fee has to be paid in single installment in 2nd session of course, 1st session of course being demo session.
  • Fee for online course may differ from classroom course fee, please check the corresponding page for actual fee.
  • Student attending online training must connect to session using system with camera enabled. Student must always enable camera while attending the session.
  • Ad Hoc below refers to, courses where we do not get frequent requests, and are offered only when more than 5 students have registered for the course.


Upcoming courses

CoursesStart Date & Demo Class Link
Embedded Systems Training 06/Jan (2:00PM – 5:30PM)Course Structure
Verilog Training 20/Jan (5:00PM-7:30PM)Course Structure
Physical Design Training 20/Jan (8:30AM-12:00PM)Course Structure
VLSI Front End Training for Exp engineers 20/Jan (8:30AM-12:00PM)Course Structure
VLSI Front Training for Freshers 20/Jan (8:30AM-12:00PM)Course Structure
SoC Design & Verification 20/Jan (10:30AM-1:30PM)Course Structure
Synthesis & STA Training 20/Jan (11:00AM-2:00PM)Course Structure
USB20 Protocol Training 06/Jan (11:30AM-2:30PM)Course Structure
SystemVerilog Training 20/Jan (8:30AM-12:00PM)Course Structure
DFT Training 27/Jan (11:00AM – 2:30PM)Course Structure

Courses in VLSI Front End domain

CourseCourse DetailsStart DateCourse DurationFeesNew Batch starts every
VLSI Front end Training for Freshers VLSI Course Structure20-Jan19 Weeks24000/-6 weeks
VLSI Front end Training for Experienced EngineersVLSI Course Structure20-Jan17 Weeks20000/-(without USB core verification)6 weeks
Systemverilog TrainingSV Course Structure20-Jan10 Weeks13000/-6 weeks
VLSI Internship  VLSI Internship Structure20-Jan 3 months/12 months 13000/-  or 22000/-6 weeks
UVM TrainingUVM Course Structure06-Jan6 or 10 Weeks9000/-  or 16000/- (with USB core verification)8 weeks
Verilog TrainingVerilog Course Structure20-Jan5 Weeks5000/-6 weeks
VHDL TrainingVHDL Course StructureAdhoc5 Weeks5000/-ad hoc
Specman TrainingSpecman Course StructureAdhoc9 Weeks15000/-ad hoc
SystemC TrainingSystemC Course StructureAdhoc6 Weeks8000/-ad hoc

Courses in VLSI Backend

CourseCourse DetailsStart DateCourse DurationFeesNew Batch starts every
Physical Design and Implementation TrainingPnR Training Course Structure20-Jan(8:30AM-12PM)12 Weeks260006 weeks
Synthesis and STA TrainingSynthesis and STA Course Structure 27-Jan(11AM-2PM) 8 Weeks200008 weeks
DFT TrainingDFT Training course structure27-Jan(11AM-2:30PM)12 Weeks260008 weeks
Custom Layout TrainingCustom Layout Training course structure27-Jan(2PM-6:00PM)12 Weeks260008 weeks
Physical VerificationPhysical Verification course structureAdhoc8 Weeks20000adhoc
Post Silicon ValidationPost Silicon Validation course structureAdhoc9 Weeks1800012 weeks

Courses in Embedded Systems

CourseCourse DetailsStart DateCourse DurationFeesNew Batch starts every
Embedded Internship Embedded Internship Course Structure06-Jan 3 months/12 months 12000/-  or 20000/-12 weeks
Embedded Systems TrainingEmbedded Systems Course Structure06-Jan(2PM-5:30PM)15 Weeks20000/-12 weeks

Courses in Software Testing

CourseCourse DetailsStart DateCourse DurationFeesNew Batch starts every
Software Testing Training Software Testing Training06-Jan 3.5 months 12000/-12 weeks

SoC & Courses on Standard Protocols

CourseCourse DetailsStart DateCourse DurationFeesNew Batch starts every
ARM TrainingARM Architecture Training Course StructureAdhoc6 Weeks10000/-Adhoc
DDR Protocol TrainingDDR Training Course Structure 20/Jan5 Weeks6000/-12 weeks
PCIe Protocol TrainingPCIe Training Course Structure20/Jan(10 AM)5 Weeks7000/-12 weeks
USB30 Protocol TrainingUSB30 Course Structure 20-Jan5 Weeks7000/-12 weeks
SoC Design & Verification TrainingSoC Training20/Jan7 Weeks10000/-10 weeks

Courses on Scripting Languages

CourseCourse DetailsStart DateCourse DurationFeesNew Batch starts every
PERL TrainingPERL Course Structure06-Jan5 Weeks4000/-10 weeks
Python TrainingPython Course Structure06-Jan6 Weeks4000/-10 weeks
TCL TrainingTCL Course Structure20-Jan4 Weeks3000/-10 weeks
SHELL TrainingSHELL Course Structure20-Jan4 Weeks3000/-10 weeks

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