Every programming based job has some repetitive work that needs considerable amount of time, but it does not offer any new learning. These activities could involve updating a spreadsheet, running test cases, checking test logs, updating environment for common changes, etc. Unfortunately many times, people end up spending lot of time on these activities. This is where scripting makes it easier by automating the way we do things. A good script can reduce the amount of time considerably and can also reduce the bugs due to human errors. Python programming is not just limited to above, it can do many interesting things.

Python Training is targeted towards every engineer who is looking to enhance scripting skill set. Though there are many scripting languages like TCL, Shell, PERL, etc, Python stands apart because of 1000’s of open source Python modules made available as part of Python package. Python modules are pre-implemented libraries making whole scripting much easier. Course will focus all teaching all Python concepts starting from basic to advanced.

Each aspect of Python training is supported by multiple examples. Python installation is done on student laptop to enable them to practice examples at their end. Course also focuses on developing scripts specific to VLSI and functional verification requirements. However course is not just limited to VLSI.

Introduction to Python

  • What is Python?
  • Python Scripts
  • Print Functions
  • Literals
  • Quoting Rules

Fundamentals of Python

  • Numbers and Strings
  • Lists and Tuples
  • Dictionary
  • Standard Input and Output
  • Predefined file Handles

Operators and Conditions

  • String, Assignment, Arithmetic Operators
  • Relational and Equality Operators
  • Logical operators

Regular Expressions

  • Simple Statements and Modifies
  • Pattern Matching
  • The tr function
  • Pattern Matching


  • Labels and Blocks
  • While, Until, For
  • Labels, Loops and loop control
  • Foreach

Working with Files

  • User Defined file handles
  • Open file for Writing, Reading, Appending
  • Open for pipes
  • Close, eof functions


  • @ARGV array command line arguments
  • ARGV and the Shift functions
  • Array Built-in Functions
  • Functions: grep, split, join, slice, pop, push
  • Functions: shift, unshift, reverse, sort, chop, chomp
  • Associative Array Functions

Python Modules

  • Subroutines
  • Passing by reference, value
  • Return statement
  • Standard Perl Library
  • @INC Array
  • Packages and .pl files
  • Require function
  • Modules and .pm Files

Objects and Object Oriented Python

  • Object oriented Python
  • Classes
  • my function
  • objects, methods
  • destructors
  • Inheritance
  • Derives classes

Python for VLSI & Functional Verification

  • Setting up complete regression flow till report generation
  • Creating complete SOC Test bench Environment Structure
  • Developing test cases using parameter input text file
  • CSV file handling
    • Generating testbench using CSV file and user provided input
  • Handling regression logs
  • Parsing spreadsheet and writing spreadsheet.
  • UVM Register Model Creation using spreadsheet
  • Regression result speadsheet creation
  • Regression result HTML creation
  • Recursive directory manipulation
Course Python Training
Duration 5 weeks
Next Batch 15/Nov

You may enrol for e-learning course for self paced learning. Trainer accessible for doubt clarifications.

Theory Sessions 3.5 Hours on Saturday & Sunday
Practice Sessions 3.5 Hours on 3 weekdays (Working professional can practice from home, with remote support)
Fee INR 4500 +GST at 18%
Mode of training Classroom training
Online training using live training sessions
Certificate Issued based on 50% assignment completion as criteria
Assignments 5

Course has started few weeks back, can I still join the course in between?

  • Yes, You will have option to view the recorded videos of course for the sessions missed
  • You will have option to repeat the course any time in next 1 year

Do you offer support after course completion?

  • Yes, Course fee also includes support for doubt clarification sessions even after course completion
  • You have option to mail you queries
  • Option to meet in person to clarify doubts

Course Material Shared:

  • Python quick reference manual
  • Session lab examples

Target Audience:

  • Every engineer who wants to utilize scripting to get smarter with work. Ex: A work manually done for 3-4 hours, could be done in 10-15 mins using intelligent scripting.
  • Every engineer who has repetetive work on daily basis, and would like to automate the same. Time can be better utilized on learning more interesting things.
  • Engineering college faculty looking to enhance their VLSI skill set

Trainer Profile

  • 10+ years of rich experience of working on scripting using PERL, TCL, SHELL & PYTHON.
  • Experience of implemeting automation at different stages of project flow suing PERL, TCL & SHELL.
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