Concepts to Learn:

  1. How protocol works
  2. Concept of data transfer using SPI controller

Question detailed:

  1. Serial communication protocols
    1. SPI, UART, I2C
  2. How these protocol based controllers work
    1. They work on a concept of descriptors
    1. Data is stored in an external memory
    1. SPI/UART/I2C controllers use a concept of Descriptor to know from where in the memory data is present, how much to be transmitted or received, direction
  3. Transfer involves 2 things
    1. Processor filling the memory with data to be transmitted
    1. Processor configuring descriptors in to SPI controller
      1. These descriptors will tell from where in the main memory data is read from
      1. This read data will be transmitted to the SPI interface using SPI protocol
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