1. Explain terms upstream connection and downstream connection, what is their significance
  2. Explain two types of USB connectors
    1. Type A
    1. Type B
  3. Explain USB on-the-go feature
    1. Adds peer-to-peer functionality to USB
  4. Explain electrical attributes of USB connection          
    1. Differential transmission part for data
    1. Encoded using NRZI and is bit stuffed to ensure adequate transitions in the data stream
  5. How a differential ‘1’ and ‘0’ are transmitted in Low and full speed devices
    1. ‘1’ by pulling D+ over 2.8V with a 15K ohm resistor pulled to ground; D- under 0.3V with a 1.5K ohm resistor pulled to 3.6V
    1. ‘0’ by pulling D- over 2.8V with a 1.5K ohm resistor pulled to ground; D+ under 0.3V with a 1.5K ohm resistor pulled to 3.6V
  6. Explain significance of J, K; how to identify J & K in LS, HS?
    1. LS: ‘J’ state is a differential 0
    1. HS: ‘J’ state is a differential 1
  7. USB transceivers will have both differential and single ended outputs
    1. SE0, SE1?
  8. How speed identification works in USB?
    1. How pull up resistors at D+, D- used to identify LS, FS devices?

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