[vc_row][vc_column][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner][vc_column_text]1. How to change user password in UNIX
2. Where is the path where all UNIX installations are done
3. List various text editors
a. What are the two modes in which GVIM works, difference between those
i. Insert
ii. Escape
b. What is the significance of Insert mode
c. What is the significance of escape mode
d. List down at least 10 operations that can be done during escape mode
i. How to replace a keyword with another keyword
ii. How to Add keyword at beginning of each line in a file
iii. How to change only words in specific line range
iv. How to change a word line by line
v. What is yanking and pasting
vi. How to delete a word, character, a line, and group of lines.
vii. How to display line number in GVIM
viii. How to exit from GVIM
1. Without saving file changes
ix. How to search pattern
x. How to high light searching item (yellow background will come)
xi. How to turn on syntax for Verilog and SV
xii. How to increase the font size
xiii. How to cut 6 lines and paste it in new place in the same file
xiv. How to split the screen
xv. How to delete the line from cursor to end of the line
2. Saving changes
5. How to do a repeated set of activities in GVIM using function?
6. When user lists file and directories using ls -ltr, what is the significance of each of the items printed?
7. What is difference between find and locate
8. What is a shell script, how to execute Shell script in terminal
9. How to execute perl script in UNIX terminal
10. How to execute Python script in UNIX terminal
11. How to execute TCL Script file in terminal
12. Write 5 usages of grep
13. Which filter can be used to extract a/specific/range of character from the lines of text?
14. How can you display nth line of a file?
15. Name three looping constructs provided by shell.
16. In which directory by default user home directories are created?
17. What is $DISPLAY environment variable significance?
18. What is pushd and popd
19. What is Prompt in terminal? How to set prompt? What is PS1 and PS2
20. How to send a mail from UNIX terminal?
21. What is CTAGs? How is it useful for search large database of C or Verilog files?
22. SED
1. List down variations operations of SED and their significance
a. Ex: d : delete the pattern space
b. ^ : Beginning of line
c. $ : end of line
d. List down similar operations in SED
2. Create text file, with 10 lines with random text data
a. Use Sed command to replace a specific word with a new word
b. Write command to add tab space in front of each line
c. Write command to add END word at the end of each line
d. Write command to join even number of lines to odd numbered line
i. Ex: Line #2 will join in to Line#1, total lines will become 5
3. Create a text file with below pattern repeating 100 times
a. Set_timing CLK1 -pins clk1
b. Set_timing CLK2 -pins clk2
c. Etc till clk100
23. AWK
1. Create text file, with 10 lines with random text data
a. Print the length of longest line in the text file
2. Write a AWK command to print 10 random numbers between 0 to 100(both inclusive)
3. Write AWK command to count total number of lines in a file
4. Write a command to list the files in a directory and the owner of the file.
5. Write a command to get all the files which are bigger than specific size
24. Write SED and AWK command to find in what metal layers all pins are placed
1. Create your own text file with required inputs information
a. Use sort -u command as required
2. Write command to get the total number of pins, clocks, in the netlist
25. What is a cronboj in UNIX based on projects?
26. Write a command to merge 3 text files in to single text file
1. Output text file is different
2. Output text file is the 1st text file
27. What is difference between below
1. Sort
2. Grep
3. Egrep
28. How to know which users are in a group
29. How to know which all groups you are added in[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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