[vc_row][vc_column][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner][vc_column_text]Each question should be answered with practical significance from a your job domain perspective

1. List down main features of UNIX
2. What is Kernel, significance in UNIX?
3. What is a Shell? Different types of Shells, how they differ? list down 3 ways in which BASH differs from TCSH?
4. UNIX command format syntax
5. How to get detailed usage description of a UNIX command
6. Describe the usage and functionality of the command “rm –r *” in UNIX?
7. What is the UNIX command to list files/folders in alphabetical order?
8. Write the command to create a link? Give few practical advantages of creating links?
9. What is meant by Super user? How do we login to other user account in terminal?
10. List significance of below commands
a. Chmod
b. Chown
c. Chgrp
11. What is the command to find today’s date?
12. What is the command to delay a command execution by 10mins?
a. Sleep : how this command can be used for practical applications
13. What is difference between following commands
a. More
b. Less
c. Touch
d. head
e. Tail
i. How to display last 10 lines of a file
14. How to do zip and unzip in UNIX?
15. How to change access permission in UNIX?
a. Chmod +x filename

Create a file print.tcl  (at every stage below keep checking the permissions)

check the all users permissions for this file (ls -ltr print.tcl)

now change the file to make executable for all users(u, g, o)

now change the file permissions, to make it executable only for user, others will only have r permission

now give all the permissions to all users

b. Chmod NNN filename
c. How to do recursive permission change for all the files in a directory
16. How to list various process in UNIX? How to kill a process in UNIX?
a. What is the difference between ps, top, bjobs
17. Explain the advantage of executing processes in the background?
18. What is the command to find maximum memory taking process on the server?
19. What is the command to find hidden files in the current directory?
20. What is the command to find the currently running process in Unix Server?
21. What is the command to find remaining disk space in UNIX server?
22. What is the command to find disk space used by various file and directories in current directory?
23. What is the UNIX command to make a new directory?
a. List down various options of a mkdir commands
24. What is the UNIX command to confirm a remote host is alive or not?
25. What is the method to see command line history?
a. How to run specific command from history without typing whole command
26. What is the command to find weather system is 32 bit or 64 bit?
27. Show the usage of below commands in UNIX
a. Cat
b. Cd
c. Chgrp
d. Chmod
e. Cp
f. File
g. Find
h. Grep
i. Ln
j. Ls
k. Mkdir
l. Mv
m. Pwd
n. Rm
o. Rmdir
p. Tail
q. Touch
28. What is concept of piping in UNIX? Write practical significance of piping?
a. Ex: Ls -ltr | grep axi
29. What is the command to count the number of characters and line in a file?
30. Write the significance of * & ? in unix command?
31. List down various UNIX environment variables? Write the significance?
32. What is tkdiff, diff
33. What is significance of sort -u command? Why is it important for text file manipulation
34. Write the significance of alias command in UNIX? Practical significance?
35. What is tee command in UNIX
36. Job Batch submission related questions
a. What is batch submission? Why always project run commands are batch submitted?
b. What is server farm? how is it related to batch submission?
c. What is LSF, BSUB? significance of these commands? (LSF: Load Sharing farm, BSUB: Batch SUbmission)
d. What are various command options for bsub? how to decide which server farm BSUB command should be run on?
e. How to decide memory limit for the job on bsub command
f. How to check current status of BSUB run command executed earlier? How to kill a specific job using its ID?
g. How to set a time limit of bsub command? so that jobs will automatically kill after that time?[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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