Learning Unix and Revision Management

Even though Windows is the most widely used OS, however most of projects work environment is setup on Unix OS. It requires a fresher to be familiar with basics of Unix and revision management. Below of list of things fresher needs to focus on. Please note with focused learning, these can be learnt in few hours.

  • Unix commands
  • Project file management & Revision management tools
  • Filing bugs : Bugzilla

Project file database & Revision management

Every project irrespective of domain(VLSI/Embedded/Hardware) requires multiple engineers to be working at same time. It requires all of them to access the project database simultaneously. It requires files to be saved in to a common data base called as ‘vobs’. The vob has revision number for each file. The user creates integration and development streams. User creates views(all files with unique revision number for each file). User deliver changes to integration stream, creates a tag. Release tag to integrator and make a top level baseline release.

  • Revision management tools: Clearcase, CVS
  • Revision management tools enabling multiple users to work on same project without corrupting each others changes
  • Both work on concept of a central database which has the data of all version of files
  • User creates his own view, works in his view independent of other users
  • User delivers changes to integration stream, from there makes baseline for his component
  • Every user make these kind of component tags for their changes, all of them release these tags
  • Integrator will take all these changes, makes a top level baseline release. Again user will start from here, do their changes and release baselines, so on till project completes
  • Both Clearcase and CVS gives standard set of commands on how to do each step, starting from settinn up vobs, creating stream, creating views, checking in files, releasing and recommending baselines. It is a few hours effort to learn all these things.
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