1. script to highlight all cells for a given lib cell.
2. script to generate report with libcells used in design and its count
     Ex: report as below
             AND 20
             Buf 32
             Inv 21
3. script to highlight timing 10 timing paths
4. script to dump metal layer details for given net
     Ex: Net1 M1 10um
           Net1 M3  15um
5. script to generate fanin/fanout cone for a given cell. script input is cell name, then based on input/outpins it should give fanin cone for all input pins and fanout cone for output pins. commands: all_fanin/all_fanout.
6. script to give nets for a given timing path.
   commands to explore: get_timing_paths
7. script to generate following data for given timing path.
    1. no of levels of logic
     2. slack
     3. nets delay
      4. cells delay
      5. clock period
      6. clock arrival at launch and capture
8. Write script to list down macros and calculate the area of macros.


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