1. Course Pre-requisites

  • All the courses (VLSI Front end, Back end & Embedded Systems) have evaluation tests before student registers for the main course. Student must clear evaluation tests, before he/she is eligible for main course. If student does not clear evaluation tests he/she has to compulsorily undergo training on following topics. These will be offered at a nominal fee. This will ensure all students are at par before they start with the course.
    • Domain: VLSI Front end pre-requisites
      1. UNIX
      2. Digital Design concepts
      3. C programming
      4. Verilog (if student is registering for SV course)
      5. Systemverilog (if student is registering for UVM course)
    • Domain: VLSI Back end pre-requisites
      1. UNIX
      2. Digital Design concepts
      3. TCL scripting basics
    • Domain: Embedded Systems pre-requisites
      1. Digital design concepts
      2. C programming
      3. 8086 or any other micro controller Architecture overview
      4. Exposure to any bus protocol
    • Evaluation test
      • Student has to attend evaluation test through online exam mode. Test will consist of multiple choice and descriptive questions. Based on performance student will undergo the training on pre-requisite courses.
      • This online test can be taken at any time. Student will be provided with analysis within a day.

2. Course registration

  • Make the fee payment; keep the receipt (soft copy) for future reference.
  • Ensure you get all required documents and access
    • Tool access through VPN, How to use tool
    • Course page access
      1. Assignments, Checklist
      2. Interview questions
      3. Labs, Session notes
    • Course Material
    • Ask Admin to add you to Whatsapp group and mailing list
    • (book mark this page)
  • If joined in between course, request for missed session videos.
  • 3. Placement support from institute

    1. All students who register for any course at VLSIGuru are eligible for job support, however performance in evaluation tests & course assignments submissions will be taken as a sole criteria for providing placement assistance.
    2. Evaluation tests are conducted in 2nd week of every month, specific to the course student has registered to.
    3. From Jan-2016 to till Mid of April-2017, we have trained more than 450 students(both freshers and experienced), below page gives the student list who are left requiring job search assistance. All others are placed.
    4. Any student who requires job support must get his/her name added to above list. Any name not in above list by default will not get any job support.

    4. How to prepare effectively

    • Have a clarity on following
      • how much time you have before you start applying for job
      • what all projects you want to complete before apply for job
      • How your resume should look like, talk to trainer for more inputs
      • For VLSI Backend domain, prior knowledge of Digital basics and some scripting language (TCL) is very essential. Do not make any assumption. Ask Admin for Digital Design checklist.
      • For front end domain, good exposure to both digital design and Verilog is essential. Do not make assumption on your preparation unless you have done required preparation.
    • Know the important aspects focused in interviews. Spend more time preparing on those. Do not spend lot of time on single topic. Rather distribute your time wisely.
    • Try to do projects other than what are done as part of regular course curriculum. This will give you required confidence, also sets your resume apart from other students undergoing training.
    • Make a notes with important points learnt in every subject, helps with quick revision.
    • Always prepare with deadlines, keep 1 or 2 weeks as deadlines based on complexity of current topic. Always approach trainer for any assistance. Spend more time practicing
    • Once preparation is complete, approach institute admin for mock interviews.
    • Finally, have realistic timelines for preparation. Ex: You can’t gain perfection on SV in 2 weeks, it will take at least 2 months. Your preparation is about how do you divide this 2 months to prepare effectively on all topics of SV(Language constructs, Loopback design project, AXI, AXI VIP, industry standard project). Similar timelines apply for every other course.

    5. Before attending session

    • Read the previous session’s notes
      • List down queries
      • List down 10 points summary discussed in previous session
    • Complete assignments specific to the topics covered so far.
    • If you prefer to attend online, send a mail(Sub: Batch_Name, request for link)
      • Ex: send mail with subject (SV_JAN17: Request for session link)
    • Bring laptop to every session. Trainer might ask you to work on labs anytime.
    • 4 Hours theory
    • 2 Hours lab
      • Corresponding assignment solving

    6. While attending session

    • If trainer is going fast or any other feedback, bring it to trainer notice
    • Make note of important points.
    • If trainer is also making notes, try not to write same notes. Trainer notes will be shared.
    • Feel free to ask questions, take break(without trainer permission)
    • Do not attend phone calls

    7. Lab sessions

    • Every course must have lab sessions or assignment solving sessions at least once every three weeks. If a lab session is not planned in 3 weeks duration, bring it to trainer/Institute Admin notice.

    8. Course checklist

    • Regularly refer to checklist and keep analysing preparation. Also suggest trainer if any topics listed in checklist have been missed in sessions.

    9. Assignment completion

    • Make list of assignments on the topics covered so far.
    • Create logs, labs files. Send them in zipped format (Subject: SV_ASGN1 solutions to [email protected])
    • Your preparation is not complete unless you have completed 50% of assignments. You will be eligible for placement support only after completing 50% of assignments.

    10. Job preparation

    • Know when your preparation is complete; do not apply for jobs unless you are satisfied with preparation
    • Refer to course material to get the projects to update in resume, and also get the sample resume, prepare resume using these.
      • Important project and well prepared ones in top of list in resume
    • Get it reviewed with trainer and ask trainer for a 1 -1 discussion.
    • Ask Institute Admin for mock interviews, interview question list.
    • Keep checking linked-in for job opportunities.
    • Come regularly to institute and have discussions on interviews others have attended.

    11. Other important points

    • Please do not send any communication trainer personal mail
    • Please send all your queries to [email protected], you queries will be routed to appropriate trainer.
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