Part A ( 30 QUESTIONS) (TIME 1hr)
1) TIME , SPEED & DISTANCE (hint for speed & distance : train & boat related questions ) (hint for time $ date questions  23rd august of 1950 was Sunday wat is the day on 24th august 2005)
2) QUESTIONS ON PROBABILITY (hint for ques –. Ten coins tossed simultaneously in how many outcomes / head & tail)
3) PERCENTAGES PROFIT & LOSS questions (hint for ques — were like how many he should sell to get gain by 10 %)
5) AVERAGES & MIXTURES (Slightly more questions were asked on this)
6) TIME & WORK questions (for example — questions like 5 men complete job in this much time what if 3 are out of work how many days will the remaining 2 take to complete the work)
7) Missing Sequence (hint for question  what should come in the next following sequence of letters)
(4-5 questions expected)
8) DIREECTION Based questions (for example – Deepak starts walking towards wast 30 m turns left and walks 20 m)  3-4 questions expected
PART B LOGICAL REASONING QUESTIONS (15 QUESTIONS) 1) Verbal reasoning & Blood relations questions (hint : In a family, there are six members A, B, C, D, E and F. A is sitting next to B  LIKE THESE QUESTIONS
2) RELATIONS related questions (hint of question : A is brother of B , C is mother of A , like wat is the relation btw D & E)
1) DESIGN a digital circuit to find the root and square root of a 4 bit number (hint for sln :- obtain the KMAP with equations & that simplified equation was the answer to this question)
2) SUM to calculate the memory range of given circuit  like what would be the output of some 10/12 bit from a 16 bit memory
3) Sum of finding the Maximum Frequency (Tp)
4) Microprocessor based 1 question was asked (it had some memory related info & 3-4 sub questions were asked on it)
5) Memory question like ( P & N are 16 bit integer is equal to 0 X 1 2 3 4 is equal to N and 0XFF find the next number/ sequence related question)

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