[vc_row][vc_column][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner][vc_column_text]Aptitude Questions:
1. In a store a dress tagged at RS 800 was offered at a discount of 12.5% when it did not sell at owner price an additional discount of 10%was offered .what was the final selling price?
(A) 630 (B) 650 (C) 550 (D) None of these

2. If a commission of 10% is given on the marked price of a book than the publisher gains 20%.If the commission is increased to 15% than what is the gain percent?
(A) 15 (B) 11.22 (C) 12.5 (D) 13.33

3. Two articles sold at Rs. 198 each such that a profit of 10% is made on the first while a loss of 10% is made on the other. What would be the net profit/loss on the two transactions combined?
(A) 27% (B) Rs. 4 (C) No change (D) None of these

4. The number of marbles with A and B are in the Ratio of 10:11. Which of the following cannot be a possible number of marbles with A and B together?
(A) 189 (B) 210 (C) 231 (D) 153

5. A’s money is to B’s money as 4:5 and B’s money is to C’s money as 2:3. If A has Rs.800, C has
(A) Rs. 1000 (B) Rs. 1200 (C) Rs. 1500 (D) Rs. 2000

6. A, B and C do a work in 20, 25 and 30 days, respectively. They undertook to finish the work together for Rs.2220, then the share of A exceeds that of B by :
(A) Rs. 120 (B) Rs.180 (C) Rs.300 (D) Rs. 600

7. The proportion of milk and water in two samples is 5:2 and 7:5 if a mixture comprising of equal quantities of two samples is made, the proportion of milk and water in the mixture is
(A) 12:7 (B) 7:12 (C) 109:59 (D) 59:109

8. A, B and C shared profits in ratio of 5:7:8. They partnered for 14 months, 8 months and 7 months respectively. What was the ratio of their investments?
(A) 21:49:56 (B) 20:49:56 (C) 20:49:64 (D) 24:49:64

9. Sumit and Ravi started a business by investing Rs 85000 and 15000 respectively. In what ratio the profit earned after 2 years be divided between Sumit and Ravi respectively?
(A) 17:1 (B) 17:2 (C) 17:3 (D)17:4

10. A, B and C enter into a partnership investing Rs. 3800, Rs. 4200 and Rs. 4000, resp. A profit of Rs. 1800 is divided among them. So what is the share of B?
(A) Rs. 520 (B) Rs.780 (C) Rs. 600 (D) Rs. 630

11. A sum of Rs. 39 was divided among 45 boys and girls. Each girl gets 50 paise, where as a boy gets one rupee. Find the number of boys.
(A) 27 (B) 12 (C) 33 (D) none of these

12. If 3 Kg of metal , which is one third silver and rest aluminum is mixed with 7 Kg of another metal, which is two-seventh silver and rest aluminum. What is the ratio of silver is to aluminum in the mixture
(A) 3:7 (B) 7:3 (C) 1:7 (D) 2:7

13. The proportion of milk and water in 3 samples is 2:1, 3:2 and 5:3. A mixture, comprising of equal quantities of all 3 samples is made. The proportion of milk and water in the mixture is

(A) 2:1 (B) 5:1 (C) 227:133 (D) 99:61

14. A 5 litre jug contains 4 litres of a salt water solution i.e it constitutes 15 percent salt. If 1.5 litres of the solution spills out of the jug, and the jug is then filled to capacity with water, approximately
what percent of the resulting solution in the jug is salt?
(A) 7.5% (B) 9.5% (C) 10.5% (D) 12%
15. Mohan and Sohan can do a job in 12 days. Sohan alone can finish it in 28 days. In how many days can Mohan alone finish the half work?

a. 10 days b. 7.5 days c. 11 days d. 10.5 days

Digital Electronics Questions:
16.An eight-line multiplexer must have as inputs ________.

A. four data inputs and three select inputs

B. eight data inputs and two select inputs

C. eight data inputs and three select inputs

D. eight data inputs and four select inputs

17.The special function registers can be referred to by their hex addresses or by their register names.

A. True

B. False

18.Which statement below best describes a Karnaugh map?

A. A Karnaugh map can be used to replace Boolean rules.

B. The Karnaugh map eliminates the need for using NAND and NOR gates.

C. Variable complements can be eliminated by using Karnaugh maps.

D. Karnaugh maps provide a visual approach to simplifying Boolean expressions.

19.Which of the following summarizes the important features of emitter-coupled logic (ECL)?

A. low noise margin, low output voltage swing, negative voltage operation, fast, and high power consumption

B. good noise immunity, negative logic, high-frequency capability, low power dissipation, and short propagation time

C. low propagation time, high-frequency response, low power consumption, and high output voltage swings

D. poor noise immunity, positive supply voltage operation, good low-frequency operation, and low power

20.The output of an AND gate is LOW ________.

A. all the time

B. when any input is LOW

C. when any input is HIGH

D. when all inputs are HIGH

21.Which of the following is true?

A. Altera uses PAL architecture and Xilinx uses PLA architecture.

B. Altera uses PLA architecture and Xilinx uses PAL architecture.

C. Altera and Xilinx both use PAL architecture.

D. Altera and Xilinx both use PLA architecture.

22.What is the difference between the 7476 and the 74LS76?

A. the 7476 is master-slave, the 74LS76 is master-slave

B. the 7476 is edge-triggered, the 74LS76 is edge-triggered

C. the 7476 is edge-triggered, the 74LS76 is master-slave

D. the 7476 is master-slave, the 74LS76 is edge-triggered

23.Offset is the characteristic of a DAC defined by the absence of any incorrect step reversals.

A. True

B. False

24.In true sum-of-products expressions, the inversion signs cannot cover more than single variables in a term.

A. True

B. False

25.The K-map provides a “graphical” approach to simplifying sum-of-products expressions.

A. True

B. False

26.The OR gate performs like two switches wired in a series.

A. True

B. False

27.The binary subtraction 0 – 1 = is
difference = 1
borrow = 0

A. True

B. False

28.A 0.01- F capacitor is recommended by TTL manufacturers for ________ the power supply.

A. decoupling

B. filtering

C. rectifying

D. grounding

29.ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange.

A. True

B. False

30.Which of the following is an example of a counter with a truncated modulus?

A. 8

B. 13

C. 16

D. 32

31. Referring to the given figure, what causes the Control FF to reset after D7?

A. Once the data cycle is initiated by the Start bit, the one-shot produces an output pulse equal to the duration of the eight data bits. Once the eight data bits have been transferred to the data input register, the falling edge of the one-shot pulse resets the Control FF to start the sequence all over again.

B. After counting the eight data bits, the divide-by-8 counter produces an output on its active-LOW CLR line to reset the Control FF.

C. After counting eight clock pulses equivalent to eight data periods, the terminal count of the divide-by-8 counter and the clock trigger the one-shot, which in turn resets the Control FF and divide-by-8 circuits to begin the sequence all over again. Simultaneously the data is transferred through the output register.

D. When the data output register is full, it produces an output on its C terminal that triggers the one-shot, which in turn resets the Control FF.

32.Full custom ICs can operate at ________ and require the ________.

A. lowest speed, largest die area

B. lowest speed, smallest die area

C. highest speed, largest die area

D. highest speed, smallest die area

33.Three cascaded modulus-10 counters have an overall modulus of 1000.

A. True

B. False

34.The primary purpose of a three-state buffer is usually:

A. to provide isolation between the input device and the data bus

B. to provide the sink or source current required by any device connected to its output without loading down the output device

C. temporary data storage

D. to control data flow


35. Write the command to check for any library inconsistencies & dump report in report folder with name lib_consistency.rpl.
36. New to copy design database from /home/pd_training/lab1 to users home directory.
37. How to see what CELs are stored in mwdb.2?
38. Wrote full command to create core area & die are in aspect ratio 1:0 & utilize ah 70%, I/O clears is 10 ______ each side.
39. Write command to select a port from GUI & find metal layer used for selected port
40. (i) Write command to find if ports are fixed from their attribute.
(ii) If not fixed, make all ports as fixed using command.
41. What is the use of cut_row.tcl that is being used by powerplan?
42. Write a command to verify whether power and ground pis of std cells, mawos, pas_cells are connected to corresponding power & ground nets.
43. Write a command to select all mawos cell.
44. Write Command to find if there is unconnected PG pins.
45. List the clocks & period using commands.
46. Write a command to generate the timing repost for setup.
47. In placement and CTS stage we haven’t done routing. How does report.timing calculate the timing always on the nets?
48. Write command to find num of all parts & mawos are used in .
49. Write final database for PV in Calibre or ICV like netlist, GDS, __ or Defs.
50. Write separate commands to
(i) Global Routing
(ii) Track assignments
(iii) Detail routing
51. Write single command to do all three tasks mentioned above.
52. Write a command to find all type of violations.
53. Write a command to dump _____ hold reports.
54. Write a command to check shorts & open in design.
55. How to define new routings rule _______.
56. What are sanity checks before floorplanning?
57. What is the significance of “set_zero_interconn_delay_mode” ___?
58. Command to check quality of your placement.
59. Write command to general configuration report.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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