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                Note: Answer all the questions in shorter manner


1.     What should be the thickness of gate oxide? What is the significance?

2.     What is bird’s beak in LOCOS and what is technique to eliminate bird’s beak?

3.     What is Self-aligned gate technology explain briefly?

4.     Explain how MOSFET works has MOS capacitor?

5.     Draw the cross-sectional view of NMOS enhancement mode transistor including bulk terminal?

6.     Why Thermal Runaway is not present in MOSFETS?

7.     Draw the capacitance VS gate voltage curve and indicate mode of operations in the curve?

8.     Why MOSFET has Transfer characteristics instead of input characteristics?

9.     Explain the Working of NMOS enhancement Mode MOSFET and Draw its I-V characteristics?

10. Draw the cross-sectional view of NMOS enhancement mode transistor including bulk terminal?

11. Why polysilicon is used instead of aluminium gate?

12. What is channel length Modulation?

13.  Draw the Inverter circuit using only NMOS?

14.  Draw the circuit of CMOS NOR gate write the truth table?

15.  What are the disadvantages of the NMOS inverter with resistive load?

16.  Why CMOS technology is widely used?

17.  Why PMOS is connected to VDD and NMOS is connected to ground in CMOS configuration?

18.  What is Static power dissipation in CMOS?

19.  Draw the CMOS inverter characteristics and explain each region and operation of PMOS and NMOS in each region? (Essay question)

20.  Why PMOS aspect ratio is greater than NMOS in CMOS inverter?

21.  What are the different leakage currents in CMOS inverter?

22.  What is propagation delay?

23. Explain various types of delay in Integrated circuits? explain how capacitance impacts the delay in circuits?

24. Explain CMOS latchup? How shielding help avoid latchup?

25. What are the various components makes the die area?


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