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Thanks for registering to PCIe Protocol training.

Below is the quick overview of course. Please make sure you are added to whatsapp group to get all course notifications.

Please feel free to send mail to [email protected] for any clarifications.

  1. Course duration and schedule
    1. Duration: 5 weeks
    1. Timings:
      1. Saturday & Sunday, 10AM to 2PM  (Extended sessions for weekend students
      1. Weekdays: Mentor driven lab sessions
  2. Course content
    1. www.vlsiguru.com/pcie-training/
  3. Course material
    1. Shared on GoogleDrive
      1. Labs
      1. PCIe Specification
    1. Assignments  (send solutions in doc format to [email protected])
      1. www.vlsiguru.com/pcie-assignment-1
      1. www.vlsiguru.com/pcie-assignment-2
      1. www.vlsiguru.com/pcie-assignment-3
      1. www.vlsiguru.com/pcie-assignment-4
      1. www.vlsiguru.com/pcie-assignment-5
    1. PCIe Session notes
      1. www.vlsiguru.com/pcie-notes-jan2019
      2. https://www.vlsiguru.com/pcie-notes-april2019/
  4. Evaluation test
    1. Institute conducts evaluation test once every 2 weeks, followed by discussion on the same
      1.  Student gets placement support based on these evaluation tests.
  5. Institute facilities
    1. All PCIE course videos are accessible at the institute (Ground floor, reception room). Please talk to Prabhakar(Admin) to get the access.
    1. Institute is open from 8AM to 8PM on all days. Student can access tools during this time
  6. Feedback
    1. Please be proactive in getting support from institute. We will give honest effort to address your concerns. It could be related to tool, placements, trainer feedback, institute feedback, etc. We really would like to hear from you and improve on all the aspects.
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