1. What is the significance of Receiver and transmitter equalization presets?  (P335-338)
  2. List down various states in Link power management state flow diagram? Write the significance of each state.
  3. List down various Device power management states and their significance related to power saving in each of the states.
  4. What is Power management Event mechanisms?
  5. What is ASPM(active state power management)?
  6. List down various DLLPs used for Power management? Write their significance in various power management state transitions?
  7. List down various types of interrupt models supported by PCIe?
  8. “PCIe virtualizes PCI physical interrupt signals by using an in-band signalling mechanism”, elaborate this statement?
  9. What is the difference between INT-X and MSI interrupt modelling?
  10. How does MSI based interrupt reporting work? Why it is preferred over INT-X model?
  11. List down various types errors generated in different layers of PCIe? Classify them in to various categories as correctable and uncorrectable?
  12. What is difference between correctable and uncorrectable errors?
  13. What is difference between Fatal errors and Non-Fatal errors?
  14. What is error pollution in PCIe? How is it addressed?
  15. List down categories of below errors in correctable/uncorrectable and fatal categories?
    1. Malformed TLP
    2. Unexpected Completion
    3. TLP Prefix Blocked
    4. Unsupported Request
    5. Completion Timeout
    6. Poisoned TLP Received
    7. Bad DLLP
    8. Bad TLP
  16. What is function level reset in PCIe?
  17. What is significance of TLP hints? Significance of Steering Tags in TLP Hint?
  18. What is latency tolerance reporting mechanism?
  19. List down various fields in Link control register? Write the significance of these fields in link management?
  20. How does device indicate its VC supported details? How is it significant in PCIe TLP generation?

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