Learning scripting languages

A scripting language is programming language that tells the computer what exactly to do in terms of a specific script or a language. They not only make your work faster, but also can make your job easier! Scripting languages can range from highly domain specific languages to general purpose programming languages. Use of scripting language is not just limited a specific domain, it can be used in any programming environment which requires user to do a repeated manual effort, script automates. How effective is automation is as good as how good is script. As an example a well coded script can make 1 full day manual effort to be completed in 2 minutes of script run. Hence learning scripting languages will be quite useful.

Below is standard set of scripting languages.

  • PERL
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • JavaScript

How to learn scripting languages

  • Learning PERL, Python is quite easy
  • They have very few constructs unlike C, C++
  • They fall under category called intergreted langauges different from compiled languages like C/C++
  • Install PERL/Python interpretor
  • Code examples to check regular expressions, data types, operators, subroutines, file handling, standard PERL/Python libraries
  • List down various requirements why we need to use PERL, start implementing scripts for same

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