Note: It is a open book exam. This exam can be completed beyond stipulated time.

  1. Is a hole a fundamental particle in an atom? Define a hole in a semiconductor? What is hole current?
  2. What happens to the conductivity of semiconductor with the rise in temperature? Compare with the conductivity of metals?
  3. What do you understand by reverse saturation current of a diode? What are the applications and limitations of diode?
  4. Define breakdown voltage? Explain briefly about Zener diode and why it is used?
  5. What are the different types of configurations present in the BJT?
  6. What are the advantages of Common base and common collector configurations?
  7. Explain the Early Effect In BJT?
  8. What is the difference between large signal analysis and small signal analysis?
  9. Define ? and ? of BJT and how are they related to each other?
  10. What are cascade and cascode configuration in BJT and list out the advantages?
  11. What is Darlington Pair and what are its advantages?
  12. What is Reverse saturation current and how it is related to temperature?
  13. How amplification is achieved in BJT?
  14. Write the collector current expression for CE configuration and for which region it is valid?
  15. Define Fermi-Dirac function and write the equation and explain the significance?
  16. Explain difference transconductance and conductance?
  17. What are the advantages of BJT when compared to FET and MOSFET?
  18. What is the main principle behind the MOSFET operation? Define the Threshold Voltage of MOSFET?
  19. Why Thermal Runaway is not present in FETs?
  20. Draw the capacitance VS gate voltage curve and indicate mode of operations in the curve?
  21. What is channel length Modulation?
  22. Draw the 2- input NAND gate circuit using only NMOS?
  23. Draw the 2- input NAND gate circuit using CMOS?
  24. What is Static power and Dynamic power dissipation in CMOS?
  25. Define SET UP time and HOLD time?
  26. What is difference between Constant field scaling and constant voltage scaling?
  27. What is Antenna effect and what are prevention techniques to overcome antenna effect?
  28. Explain briefly about DRAIN INDUCED BARRIER LOWEREING?
  29. Explain briefly about Electron Migration and How to overcome Electron Migration?
  30. Explain sub threshold conduction and sub threshold current?

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