Concepts to learn:   


  1. AHB template environment used as reference
  2. Uvm_barrier  :: wait_trigger
    1. Create uvm_barrier instance in ahb_env
      1. Allocate memory
      1. Set threshold of ‘3’
      1. Register to config_db
    1. Instantiate uvm_barrier in ahb_driver, ahb_monitor
    1. Get the uvm_barrier instance in build_phase of each component
    1. In all the components run_phase
      1. Call barrier.wait_trigger
      1. After this method call implement a uvm_info message
    1. RUN this environment
      1. Note: none of above uvm_info messages will be printed?
    1. Create ahb_coverage class
      1. Instantiate uvm_barrier, get it from config_db
      1. Call barrier.wait_trigger in run_phase
    1. RUN this environment
      1. Note: all uvm_info messages will be printed.
      1. Printed since 3 ‘wait_trigger’ are called
  3. Uvm_barrier :: wait_ptrigger
  4. Uvm_barrier :: wait_trigger_data
  5. Callbacks
  6. Get_num_waiters

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