UNIX & Linux Training with hands on Labs (Classroom & Online training)

Course Schedule & registration:

  • Duration: 2 weeks
    • Live online Training sessions
  • Student progress tracked using Checklist & weekly assignments
  • Fee : INR 1500 + GST
  • Registration: Mail: training.vlsiguru@gmail.com Phone: 9986194191

Course Content (covers all the aspects required for VLSI/Embedded system jobs)

  • Unix Operating System, Kernel
  • Unix Shells, RC files
  • Shell scripting basics (as required for job)
  • Unix Directory structure, hard/soft links
  • Xterm, Xhost, commonly used commands
  • Text editors
  • Revision Management
  • Makefile, Cronjob
  • Mapping Unix directories, file with Gvim editor
  • FTP, SCP, Mail, Compress, sleep, regular expressions
  • LSF, Batch submission, Process monitoring
  • Revision Management with hands on labs
  • 6 Hours of dedicated Lab sessions covering all above aspects
  • 8 assignments

Target Audience:

  • Engineers with only Windows OS exposure, and would like to get hands on exposure to UNIX.


  • How this course helps?
    • Majority of VLSI/Embedded/Software jobs, complete project execution happens in Unix/Linux environment, which requires engineer to be familiar with majority of Unix concepts listed in course content above.
    • Windows is only used for outlook, document reading and net browsing.
    • Course will cover all above aspects including hands on exercises for all above topics
    • A fresher with only Windows exposure finds it difficult to cope with UNIX platform. Majority of times companies assume that engineer (even a fresher) is familiar with UNIX, hence don’t plan a separate UNIX training. Hence fresher finds it really hard to cope with project ramp up.
    • Engineer with good UNIX exposure is in general more efficient and can make best utilisation of time. Hence improve work-life balance.
  • What if few sessions missed?
    • Course is offered once every 3 months. Student can repeat with no additional fee.
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