VLSI Design and Verification training for Freshers

Online training in Verilog for Design & Verification (VG-VO) is a 6 weeks training focused on following aspects.

  • Verilog-2001 language constructs
  • Implementation of standard designs and testbench using Verilog
  • Course content & schedule is same as classroom Verilog training

Introduction to Verilog

  • Introduction to Verilog Course
  • Module
  • Data types
  • Data Flow
  • Procedural Blocks
  • Language Statements
  • State Machines
  • Gate Level Implementation
  • Verilog Programing Interface(& PLI)

Commonly asked Verilog Design Examples : All covered in course training

  • Flipflop (Synchronous & Asynch Reset), Latch
  • Counter-Gray code counter, modulo, ring, johnson, up counter, down counter
  • Shift register implementation
  • Half adder, full adder, multiplexer
  • Dual port memory write, read design & testbench
  • encoder, decoder, various gates
  • Primitive implementation using table, endtable
  • Pattern detector
  • Coin counter for tea vending machine
  • Traffic light controller(TLC)
  • CRC generation code
  • Watchdog timer implementation
  • Synchronous FIFO
  • Asynchronous FIFO
  • Memory implementation
  • example to showcase race condition using blocking assignments
  • system task usage: $display, $monitor, $strobe
  • PLI, VPI implementation
  • Memory controller RTL understanding, architecture understanding
  • Clock generation with Duty cycle & Jitter
  • PCIe different layer implementation
  • Interrupt Controller

Verilog for Verification

Verification of all above designs using Verilog

Course Verilog for Design & Functional Verification
Duration 6 weeks
Next Batches 02/Nov, 14/Dec
Demo Session 02/Nov (9AM – 1PM)
Course Enroll 03/Nov
Freshers Full week course
Saturday & Sunday(8:30AM – 4:30PM India time. Monday to Friday(9:30AM to 12:30PM). Flexible lab sessions for US Students.
Weekdays sessions will be focused on training on Assignment solving sessions; evaluation tests; and labs.
Students also get support on complete project flow during weekdays as well.
New batch starts Every 6 Weeks
Fee INR 9000
Tool Questasim
Mode of training Classroom training at VLSIGuru Institute(Horamavu)
Online training using live training sessions
Certificate Issued based on 50% assignment completion as criteria
Batch Size 20
Assignments 24
Trainer 12+ Years exp in RTL design & Functional verification

What are the Course Prerequisites?

Expertise on design design concepts

Does course cover practical sessions on UVM usage?

  • Each aspect of course is supported by lot of practical examples
  • Dedicated full day lab sessions to ensure student does complete testbench development from scratch

Course has started few weeks back, can I still join the course in between?

You will have option to repeat the course any time in next 1 year

Do you offer support after course completion?

  • Yes, Course fee also includes support for doubt clarification sessions even after course completion
  • You have option to mail you queries
  • Option to meet in person to clarify doubts

Course Material Shared:

  • Verilog User Guide
  • Verilog Checklist
  • Verilog Lab Examples

Target Audience:

  • MTech & BTech freshers would like to start learning directed verification
  • Engineers with prior experience in other domains of VLSI or experience non-VLSI domains, want to make career in Functional Verification
  • Engineering college faculty looking to enhance their VLSI skill set

Trainer Profile

  • 10+ years of rich experience of working in Functional Verification domain across various mobile, networking, high speed peripheral domains.
  • Experience of working on functional verification of Multiple Complex SOCs, multiple Sub systems
  • Experience of working on multiple complex module level projects
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